Sierra Ramke
Zieke Sudio became my dream ride after over a decade running my own retail business, launching brands, and leading undiscovered international designers into the Australian market. 

As an OG bridal shop owner, I built success in a exploding industry, serving bold moves that would earn 6 figures in less than 2 years of business at just 23yrs.

Truth be told with little more than a bit of retail experience and a fashion design education, I was the epitome of a naive, inexperienced entrepreneur. Creative by nature, scrappy by choice, resourceful in spirit and above all relentless in my pursuit to build a beautiful and powerful business. 

Working hard is my memo but working smarter has become my greatest strategy and one I wish I had learnt earlier in my business.


  • Hustle with a small team, 

  • Wear all hats

  • Grow immediate sales with no leads 

  • Design & Open 10 retail stores on shoestring budget 

  • Create a brand when you’re a multi brand retailer (not an easy feat)

  • Launch your own brand while nurturing your competition

  • Discovering talent & opportunity

  • Negotiating & sales and how to

  • Pivot and adapt when competitions and challenges impede

My mission at Zieke is to step forward as your bold & brave side kick. A creative director and strategist who can help you exceed at innovation when you’re winning and regain power, clarity and confidence at times where your business is failing to grow. 

We think,

Great businesses are like beautiful cars, an agent for taking you from where you are today, to where you want to be and care to know the best part?

You are the driver!

So as you step into your dream ride, where will you go, who will join you? Will you accelerate down the hill? Will you slow down for speed bumps. 

business is about to embark upon a whirlwind road trip. Consider us your trusted go power, reviving you with the energy and oomph to cruise into the future. 

Enough about me, how can I help you with your brand?