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We help Startup & SME clients
find their CREATIVE LENS 
to excel growth & build a legacy of

Sierra kencevski


Our clients are our WHY!

Our purpose is to empower founders with a profound identity that sparks community, kindness, & creativity.


We firmly believe that confidence and success go hand in hand, but confidence begins with clarity. Who are you? What do you do? How do you perceive the world?

Building a brand is more than just appearances; it's the embodiment of your values and vision, artfully crafted to inspire and ignite meaningful connections. Brand identity is not a mere roadmap; it's a fundamental ideology that sets your vision apart from others.

Your brand resides within you, and you, in turn, personify your brand!


Sierra Kencevski Studio Zieke

Sierra Ramke
Creative Director

Studio Zieke became my creative outlet after over a decade running my own retail business, launching brands, & leading undiscovered international designers into the Australian market. 

As an OG bridal shop owner, I built success in an exploding industry, serving bold moves that would earn 7 figures in just over a year in business.

Truth be told with little more than a bit of retail experience and a fashion design education, I was the epitome of a naive, inexperienced entrepreneur. Creative by nature,  resourceful in spirit and above all relentless in my pursuit to build a beautiful and powerful business. 

Working hard is my memo but working smarter has become my greatest strategy and one I wish I had learnt earlier in my business.


My mission at Zieke is to step forward as your bold & brave side kick. A creative director and strategist who can help you exceed at innovation when you’re winning and regain power, clarity and confidence at times where your business is yearning to grow. 

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